Friday, October 31, 2014

Road to a Healthier Lifestyle

Hey All!

Through the year and a half that my husband and I have been together we have developed a few....ok more than a few bad habits (who doesn't!). As a team we have both decided that we are ready to choose a healthier lifestyle and we want YOUR help! 

Over the next 6 months or so we are going to be documenting our progress/regression and sharing it with you all. With that we will share what is working and not working for us and what steps we take to make it a lifestyle change rather than a "few week trial." 

We are looking for your help to share with us what you have seen work or to simply join in with us and to try our recommendations while creating your own! 

Our current challenges & bad habits:

  • Eating at home (always looking for quick and easy)
  • Finding time to workout together (for us doing this together helps push one another)
  • Portion control (knowing when to stop because we are full)
  • Eating only when hungry (at times we enjoy "snacking" too much)
  • Helping the other make a healthy choice
  • Exercising out of our comfort level
Look forward to our updates as we begin this journey starting November 1st!

Your Motivator and Companion,

Gabby Skinner
Personal Trainer & Owner
1735 Churchill Drive
Fremont, NE 68025