Monday, February 13, 2017

Testimonial Tuesday - Kevin

Happy Tuesday to All!

Wow, it has been sometime and I am sorry for that. Life has been crazy busy, in the best possible way and that means blogging had to take the back seat! We hope you enjoy some of these upcoming success stories.

Without wasting anymore time, it is well over due, everyone meet Kevin! Kevin and I have known one another for sometime, the relationship however was much more of just an acquaintance as my younger brother and his son were in the same activities growing up. Then finally being a poor broke high school girl and needing some gas money I found myself working for Kevin and his wife Betsy at the locally owned Gambino's pizza. From here our relationship was always mutual and I always looked up to their hard work ethic! Years then past and it was not until Jake and I wanted to think about options to expand our business that Kevin and I crossed paths again. We wanted to discuss the restaurant business with him and his wife. It was then at this meeting where Kevin knew that FITness Into A Lifestyle was his chance to achieve some of his health and fitness goals.

Rewind, let me fill you in on Kevin's journey! Kevin's lifestyle has always been deeply involved with business, family and God, physical activity however, was not a regular part of his life. From an early age he has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight and being in the restaurant business never aided this process. Prior to training with FITness Into A Lifestyle, Kevin had tried boot camps with other trainers here in Fremont and even fad diets. All getting him immediate results, but gaining more than lost after completion of the programs. Therefore, Kevin now being mid 50's was determined to find something to help improve not only his quality of life but also the longevity. He was ready to eliminate the worry about his weight stopping him from doing the things his wife and kids wanted to do!

Kevin, August 2014:

Although it has been a lifetime struggle, Kevin really began his journey to his "ideal" physique 15 years ago, with the last eight to ten years being the most serious. The picture above demonstrates where Kevin was two and a half years ago. Tasks like tying shoes, carrying items up and down the stairs and getting on the floor all had to have a strategy. Kevin, was mentally ready for a change! He and I began our motivation and companionship back in April of 2016. When he came to me he was 350 lbs, hypertensive and not being medicated, extensive pain within both of his feet, and a resting heart rate of nearly 90 beats per minute. With strict orders to visit the doctor before we would begin an exercise regimen, he was given the okay to proceed after the addition of a blood pressure medicine. From here we took training one step at a time.  In my recent interview with him he expressed that these small steps were the hardest part of the training. "To believe that exercising only twice a week was going to help me achieve my goals, seemed far from the truth, but you(Gabby) have stuck to your word from day one" said Kevin. 

Overall, Kevin has hit many many milestones within our nine months together and I am so very proud of all his accomplishments and determination to get where he is today. Below, is a list of a few of his accomplishments:

Kevin's Accomplishments:
Weight lost - 72 lbs.
Inches lost - 27.75"
Blood Pressure - 162/95 to 136/86
Resting HR - 90 bpm to 77bpm
*Competed in his first ever race - 2 miles on Thanksgiving
*Does not have to plan his life around his weight.
*Able to complete exercises on and off the ground.
*Eliminated all foot pain, now complains his feet get cold! :)

Your Motivator and Companion,

Gabby Skinner
Personal Trainer & Owner
1735 Churchill Drive
Fremont, NE 68025