"Making FITness A Way of Life."

Mission Statement
Delivering professional personal training to help people obtain their goals. We do this through an intimate setting and provide individualized workout programs while motivating all people to get to their next fitness level.
Why we are different
A majority of us have been in the situation of working out at a gym with people watching your every move, as you wonder, "Am I doing this correctly?" or maybe long lines keep you from using a machine. Let’s face it, gyms can be scary, but FITness Into A Lifestyle eliminates this intimidating, judging experience.  We will come to you or can arrange a personalized experience in our in-home gym.  It’s the total experience of comfort in your own home or our small personal setting without the worry about who may be watching.  

No person is the same.  We want to utilize your unique traits and capitalize on them.  Sick of running?  Can’t stand another push up?  We want to make your workout easier, and help make it a part of your lifestyle without the stress and anxiety.  Whether it’s a customized competitive boot camp on vacations, finding unique fitness events, or discovering how many stairs you have in your home, there is more than one way we can achieve your goals.  Check out our blog to see some of the ways we have made fitness a part of our lifestyle. 

Let's Get Started!

Before we get start our program I want to get to know you and assure that this is the correct fit for you. The first meeting is always free with no obligations! What kinds of physical activity are you currently doing or have you done in the past?  What are some of your goals?  What would be most beneficial for you?  All of these and any questions you have can be addressed before you make a decision, have your first workout, or pay a dime! 

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