Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Testimonial Tuesday - Courtney

Everyone meet Courtney, this month's testimonial Tuesday! Courtney joined FITness Into A Lifestyle in late August of this year. When first meeting her I can honestly say I was unsure at how seriously she was going to take training. Courtney is an extremely busy lady and I was unsure if she had the time! From being enrolled at Midland for her nursing degree to being an athlete for the university as well, her days were booked solid and despite that, she was trying to add one additional thing into her day. Like all clients, we discussed her commitment to training and we proceeded with the workouts, knowing that I may have to stop her program if her days became too strenuous. 

Day one of training began and I could not believe my eyes, this girl was ready for the fight. She came in ready to work and did so three times a week for the next month! From here we only began to see positive things. Her goals were like most, weight loss and toning of her muscles so her program focused on increasing her cardiovascular fitness while increasing all weights during strength training. As a collegiate athlete she did demonstrate hard work ethic in the gym and knew when to keep pushing herself. These characteristics most definitely helped her obtain the progress she has seen in the one month time frame. 
In additional to all her hard work in the gym, Courtney also began to eat consciously. The idea of thinking about what you eat before you eat is a true struggle for most American's. We get hungry and we eat what first comes to mind, so for Courtney she began to eliminate this by meal planning and choosing healthier alternatives like Subway over McDonald's for lunch. 

Overall, Courtney lost 4.75 inches within the first month of training at FITness Into A Lifestyle, while dropping 9 pounds and increasing her cardiovascular fitness by 15 percent! An outstanding amount accomplished for just one months time! To top it all off we also set a goal of her's to complete her first 5K race without walking and just this past weekend she did just that! She was able to completed the Susan G. Komen race in Omaha for a time of 34 minutes, another great success and a time to beat for her next race! 

Courtney has continued to set and go well beyond her goals from training to completing the race, and I am excited to see what more she can accomplish.  Great work Courtney!  

Your Motivator and Companion,

Gabby Skinner
Personal Trainer & Owner
1735 Churchill Drive
Fremont, NE 68025