Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jake Speaks Out!

While it has almost been a week since my husband (Jake) and I began our journey to a healthier lifestyle, I encouraged him to write a little something and here is what he wanted to share......


In starting this challenge, one of the first things we both thought was important was to honestly assess what was important and put to paper some of our goals and what we want to accomplish (Realistically).

For me, there were two big items or categories that I knew would be crucial if this was going to work:

                *While some people can work out every day of the week, I am not one of those people.  When I have tried doing this in the past, I burnt out quickly. 

My action plan:
·         Work out 3 times every week in the beginning
·         Increase to 4 times by 12/31
·         Run 5 miles without stopping by 12/31

              *This is one of my largest challenges as I am guilty of over-eating (especially with items like chips), snacking, and choosing the unhealthy options.  While I am good at bringing smaller portions to work, this causes a lot of snacking. 
            My action plan:
·         Remove all snacks from my desk (trail mix, fruit snacks, chips, etc.) and eat only what I bring.
·         Pack lunches the day before so I have more balance rather than, grab and go the morning of.
·         Use smaller plates at home as opposed to the larger ones to control portion sizes.
·         If chips are available, buy value snack size packs or put reasonable portions into zip lock bag ahead of time. 

With all of these “action plan” steps, I will also create a scorecard that I will review weekly with Gabby to help track my progress and hold myself accountable throughout.

While we both have the same objective (losing weight, eating healthier, exercise, etc.), we both have different ways to get there which is okay!


Jake Skinner - The motivators husband :)