Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Evening Workout

As the Nutrition Challenge is under way I wanted to share a little secret on how I boost my metabolism before bedtime each night. If you read any form of media, I am sure that you have read some where that one's metabolism decreases as night approaches. Here are some helpful tips to increase your night time metabolism.

1.) Avoid any caloric intake after 7pm
  • Studies have shown that food intake before bed has no where to go besides storage, meaning it will be stored as fat. What an easy way to control fat!
2.) Conduct a quick mini workout before the shower or bed
    • Crunches 3x25
      • Helps to eliminate lower abdominal fat
    • Push ups 3x15
      • Helps to eliminate the flapping under arm hang
    • Side leg raises 3x25
      • Helps to eliminate the pooling of fat on your back side
3.) Take the time to relax
  • When you are stressed your body releases what is called cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that assists in the utilization of blood sugar (glucose) and fat for energy (metabolism). However, too much cortisol results in the slowing of your metabolism
4.) Get a good nights sleep! 

Your Motivator and Companion,

Gabby Skinner 
Personal Trainer and Owner
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Phone: 402.459.1541

Saturday, February 22, 2014

FITness Into A Lifestyle's Nutrition Challenge!


February 24th - March 10th 

This two week long nutrition challenge is a motivational and educational experience to learn new ways that will enhance your healthy lifestyle!

     How to Register:
 Ø Share Facebook post or email fitnessintoalifestyle@gmail.com
     How to Win:
 Ø Share with us the ways you are adapting the healthy lifestyle
o   Recipes
o   Workouts
o   Healthy choices at a restaurant
 Ø The winner will be the individual with the most posts
 Ø The individual with the most likes

     What you will Win:
 Ø Free personal training session
 Ø $25 giftcard

 Ø  Before eating breakfast drink 12 fluid ounces of water
 Ø  Wait to eat breakfast until hungry after water intake (approx. 10am for me)
 Ø  Eat a breakfast that is lower in calories, but also filling
o   Oatmeal
o   Fruit Smoothie
o   Egg Whites
 Ø  Drink 24+ fluid ounces of water before lunch


 Ø  Eat a balanced, light, and filling lunch
o   Grilled chicken salad with favorite veggies/fruits and light/fat free dressing
o   Tuna sandwich with whole wheat bread and two favorite healthy sides
 Ø  Between lunch and dinner eat small healthy snacks to keep you energized
o   Almonds
o   Apples or any fruit
o   Celery *add natural peanut butter if needed
o   Any veggies – corn, green beans, peas, etc.
 Ø  Drink 24+ fluid ounces of water before dinner


 Ø  Eat before you are starving!
 Ø  Eat a balanced, light, and filling dinner
o   Baked or grilled salmon with whole wheat rice and a veggie
o   Turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, apple, and side salad
 Ø Do not eat after 7pm!!

 Ø  Drink 24+ fluid ounces of water before bed

Contact Gabby with any questions, concerns or items to share!

Your Motivator and Companion,

Gabby Skinner
Personal Trainer and Owner
1735 Churchill Drive
Fremont, NE 68025
Phone: 402.459.1541

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My BLT Compared to Their's

A few nights ago I was craving the American way: fast food. A nice greasy burger with some fat french fries was glowing in my mind. After considering my options and how much I would lag during my training the next morning I did not cave. Instead I made a homemade BLT. This dinner allowed me to satisfy my fat craving while still staying in the limits of my dinner. Choices like these are the ones needed to make the life transition into a healthier one. Take a look.....just in this meal alone we are saving nearly 100 calories and eliminating 5.3 grams of bad fats from our diet. Imagine what doing this to each meal could do to an entire day! 

White Bread: 133 calories
Bacon: 173 calories
Mayo Light: 67 calories
French Fries: 243 calories
Total Calories: 616 calories
Total Fat: 27.6g

Bread: 220 calories
Turkey Bacon: 120 calories
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: 47 calories
Sweet Potatoes: 140 calories
Total Calories: 527 
Total Fat: 22.3g


Your Motivator and Companion,

Gabby Skinner
Personal Trainer and Owner
1735 Churchill Drive
Fremont, NE 68025
Phone: 402.459.1541

Monday, February 17, 2014

5K Run Prep and Train

Recently I have been approached by many on training recommendations for a 5k run. If you are a "Pinner" you know very well that this type of training schedule is all over Pinterest, but are they efficient and worth your time? Getting your lungs and heart into shape for a 5k is completely different than getting your entire body prepared. 

Like anything related to fitness it depends where your roots are coming from. This is why a personalized program can do so much more than a standardized Couch to 5k training program. Have you ever ran before? Do you prefer the elliptical or treadmill? What is the longest you have ever walked or ran? What kind of race did you sign up for or would like to attend? These are all great questions that one should be asked by a personal trainer or should ask themselves before beginning a program specifically for races. 


These two 5k races have completely different courses and components to their race and athletes should train differently for each. 

The Color Run:
  • City street running
  • Hilly course
  • Longer cardio training
  • Light strength training
5K The Hard Way:
  • Golf course/rough terrain running/Obstacles
  • Hilly course
  • Shorter and quicker cardio training
  • Medium to heavy strength training
As scary as I made both of these races sound they are both great races, speaking first hand and I encourage all to consider partaking in either! Contact me today to start training or to get your personalized program! 

Your Motivator and Companion,

Gabby Skinner
Personal Trainer and Owner
1735 Churchill Drive
Fremont, NE 68025 
Phone: 402.459.1541

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Headed to the pool with Special Olympics

Hi All,

It has been a mighty long time since I have stopped by! As some may know I have been away on vacation for some time and prior to that I was taking time to prep for vacation. Finally, we are all settled in again and jet lag is gone, so it's time for another post.
I wanted to share with everyone a little of what I do on the side along with training my clients. It has always been a great joy of mine to help individuals find their own success and partially why I am a trainer today! During my senior year of college I had the amazing opportunity to learn about the array of disabilities from intellectual to physical and it only inspired me to do more for those. Therefore, when asked to be Head Coach of the Omaha Special Olympics Swim Team I could not pass up the offer. 

Why does this matter to you? Well first and foremost I wanted to raise awareness of how important this organization is and what YOU may be able to do to assist. SONE (Special Olympics of Nebraska) is always looking for volunteers, coaches, and those to donate to contribute to the great cause. Let me know if you are interested! :)

What it has taught me already: Working with these individuals is simply a priceless experience. Each day we have practice I go into it not knowing what to expect. Therefore, with an open mind I come prepared each week and each week their ability blows me away! I continue to think to myself, this individual has overcome more obstacles in their short life than I have and I continue to make baby excuses for things. Time and time again I tell them to swim, swim, swim and regardless of how tired they are they give me their fullest effort. 

"Every person regardless of whatever different abilities they may have, can contribute, can be a source of joy, can beam with pride and love."
- Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder

*I challenge everyone to have this same perspective in life and to never give up even when times are tough or the workout seems too hard for your ability.*

Pool Workout-

Warm up:

(choice stroke, non-stop)
-swim 200 yards
-kick (no board) 100 yards
-swim 100 yards

-Freestyle (easy) 100 yards
-Choice stroke (hard) 4x50
-Freestyle (easy) 100 yards
-Choice stroke (harder) 4x25

Cool down:

-Freestyle catch-up 100 yards

Your Motivator and Companion,

Gabby Skinner
FITness Into A LifestylePersonal Trainer & Owner
1735 Churchill Drive
Fremont, NE 68025
Phone: 402-459-1541

"Making FITness a way of life."